SPRINGFIELD, NJ – The Board of Education voted at its January 23 meeting to extend Superintendent Michael A. Davino’s contract for three years. The contract was due to expire on June 30, 2017.  Six former Board of Education members were there to support his renewal.  Five former members made comments in the public session warmly praising and encouraging the current board to vote to renew the contract.

The vote was not unanimous with President Robin Cornelison, Vice President Scott Silverstein, Scott Donner, Narc Miller, Jacqueling Shanes and Steven Wolcott voting in favor. Members Hector Munoz and Elissa Zylbershlag voted no. Hilary Turnbull abstained because she is waiting for a lawyer’s ruling on comments she made at Candidate’s Night when she indicated she was against the contract.

When asked why he voted against the contract Hector Munoz stated “I felt it was time to come up with new ideas.”  Elissa Zylbershlag said when voting no, “There are fundamental aspects of his leadership style that I disagree with and I feel it is important to create a positive school climate.”

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Prior to the formal Board of Education meeting Jonathan Dayton High School held its official Media Center Opening Ceremony. A tour was provided of the state of the art studio, new classrooms with interactive boards, a sound booth etc.  Superintendent Davino remarked that he was “…very proud to officially open it this evening”.  He thanked the Board members and the taxpayers of Springfield. “The Media Center is the culmination of the Technology project that started in 2005 with the one to one laptop project. Our goal was to provide access to technology… to bring old world into the twenty first century with a center such as this. The architect (DIGroupArchitecture) captured the vision of this space… it is truly a design of outstanding and exemplary thought”.

In other business in the Superintendent’s report Mr. Davino announced that back in December the Technology plan was approved by a peer review committee. The district will now be able to implement a digital learning program through June 30, 2019. The Media Center is a major component of the program.

Mr. Davino congratulated the Athletic Department because the students have often been cited for their sportsmanship. Most recently a letter was received from the Roselle Park Athletic Director thanking the girls varsity basketball team for not purposely running up the score against them. The girl’s varsity basketball  program is 11-2 and recently ranked in its group and Union County.

Finally, the Student Spaceflight Exploration program (SSEP) number 9 will launch on February 8. There have been no recent delays or cancellations. Four students received Certificates of Accomplishment for their role in developing this experiment that will be sent into space.