SPRINGFIELD, NJ—After honoring six educators at the beginning of the meeting, the Board of Education approved the achievement by Superintendent of Schools Michael A. Davino of merit pay increases based on the following student achievement milestones and the submission of the board’s recommendation to the Union County executive superintendent of schools that the Springfield superintendent garner the appropriate merit pay due to attaining the goals:

  • By June 2017, 75 percent or more of the first grade students will be able to write a coherent composition based on the core curriculum standard for informational writing.
  • Eighty percent of seventh graders will achieve proficient or advanced proficient rankings on the eighth grade technology standards set forth by the New Jersey Department of Education, and, in consultation with that department’s instructional technology department the township district will develop the appropriate assessment tools in accordance with the state standards. A new rubric developed by the Springfield public schools “uses the original parameters and expands them to the new standards in the state regulations as well as identifying the addition of an advanced proficiency level of mastery,” according to the resolution submitted to the county superintendent.
  • Eighty percent of all fifth grade students in Caldwell and Sandmeier Schools will meet all indicators on the technology checklist developed to address technology standards contained in the state regulation.
  • In concert with the township district’s one-to-one technology initiative and in consultation with the state Department of Education’s Instructional Technology Department, appropriate technology assessment tools in compliance with state standards were developed and a checklist for those in third through fifth grades was formulated to evaluate student achievement of competencies addressed by the state standard. By the end of the fifth grade 80 percent of fifth graders in Caldwell and Sandmeier Schools were expected to meet all indicators on the developed checklist of schools.
  • All students at Dayton must complete 40 hours of community service during each year of attendance as a graduation requirement. This year, the building administration and school counselors were obligated to implement strategies to ensure that all students complete their service requirements in a more timely fashion, and to provide students with support in finding service hour opportunities. These strategies include:
  • Quarterly checks conducted by school counselors to be presented to the superintendent for evaluation
  • Frequent communication with students and parents regarding the requirement
  • Posting announcements regarding service opportunities on the high school’s website
  • Facilitating service hour events

Seventy-five percent of senior students were to complete their service hour requirement by April 1, 2017.

The superintendent also was required to initiate and facilitate participation in the Student Spaceflight Experiment Program, a school and community collaboration engaging students in kindergarten to 12th grade at varying degrees and community engagement.

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The program includes a STEAM initiative in which students in the fifth to 12th grades submit actual experiments related to the nature of the program. 

Also, elementary level students are engaged in the historical perspectives as well as “the co-curricular applications of art, music and physical education” along with those in fifth to 12th grades.

For attainment of each of the first four milestones under his direction, Davino was to be eligible for merit amounts of $5,244.75, and for attainment each of the remaining milestones under his direction, the Township Superintendent was to be eligible for merit amounts of $3,937.50,

In answer to questions from board members, Davino said input on his achievements was received by a number of methods from teachers, principals and supervisors.

The school body also announced that its next meeting will begin at 4 p.m. with an executive session and 4:30 p.m. for the public session on Monday, June 19.

The board meetings were moved up due to the Moving Up Ceremony that evening at the middle school.