SPRINGFIELD, NJ – For 50 years, a form of Scotty’s has operated at 595 Morris Ave. in Springfield.  On Wednesday night, Scotty’s Pub and Comedy Cove celebrated its 50th anniversary.  The event included a “Balloon Night Party” with prizes and DJ Paul who played music there in the 1980s and 1990s. 

Laurielle Nagel, Manager, talked about the different identities this family run business used at the location as well as what Scotty’s offers now.  On March 1, 1967, Walter’s owned two bars on the location and they were bought by her parents, Patricia and William “Scotty” McCormick.  They renamed it Squire’s Table.  In 1972, the name was changed to Charlie O’s.  Charlie O’S Inc. remains the name of the parent company.  In 1975, the name was changed to Smuggler’s Cove. 

In 1990, the business model was shifted to a focus on the higher end and with it the name was changed to McCormick.  The economy did not cooperate and business suffered.  So, in September 1993 McCormick became Scotty’s, the nickname given Mr. McCormick because he is from Scotland and has a Scottish accent.  Scotty’s focus shifted to offering a very attractive value.  In 1993, that meant a 24 oz. steak for $9.95 and a good bottle of wine for $9.95. 

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In 2007, the Comedy Cove was built on the property after the main regional comedy venue, Rascals, closed during the Fourth of July weekend in 2007.  Scotty’s brought their Entertainment Director and all the comics that used to perform at Rascals over to the Comedy Cove.  It is an intimate venue that seats 100 people and according to the website, “…features some of the country’s best comics.”  On April 8, Gilbert Gottfried takes the stage.  Tickets for the show are $30.    Other comedy events include “Open Mic Night” and comedy classes. 

Customers come from “all around” to see the comedy shows while those going to the restaurant and bar tend to be from the surrounding communities.  The restaurant continues to be well known for high quality 20 oz. Delmonico Steaks. 

The website is http://www.scottyssteakhouse.com/.