UNION, NJ - Monday evening, Bob Martin took his place among the greats in state high school football coaching history.

In a half-time ceremony at the forty-first Phil Simms' North-South Game, Martin was officially honored with a certificate and a commemorative ring at his induction.

Martin was honored with induction for his work coaching high school football. As of 2019, Martin had 35 years in the profession, 14 as an assistant at Jonathan Dayton. Reflecting back on all that led him to this moment, Martin credited everyone around him for helping him to get to that point.

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"You work hard, and you don't do it for those reasons," Martin said. "But it's a great honor and I'm humbled by it. There's a lot of people that should have their name on that board [with me], but it's just easier to put my name there. I'm appreciative for everything that everybody's done for me."

He also thanked his family and long-time coaching partner Joe George, who were in attendance at the ceremony for all they have done for him as well.

"Coaching isn't for the well-balanced, and that's usually because the scale tips in favor of your team, in terms of preparation and game nights," Martin said. "So to have the support of my family means a lot, and anybody who has accomplished anything in coaching has somebody that gave them the opportunity and opened up the door, and without a doubt, Joe [George] has done more for me, for my coaching career, than anybody."

For George, who coached alongside Martin for 28 years in stops at Port Richmond High School in Staten Island, Franklin High School in New Jersey and finally at Dayton 

[Martin] is truly one of the outstanding coaches," Goerge said. "But as I said, maybe his greatest characteristic, a trait that's kind of a lost trait today in coaching is his loyalty. [He's] unbelievably loyal, committed to coaches on the staff and kids, whatever school, whatever sport he is."

George added, "It's a rare thing today, so nobody deserves it more than him. it's tremendous and we miss him. We'd like to get back together [as coaches] sometime."

Talking about seeing Martin honored in person, Goerge said it was great to watch his friend receive the honor.

"We hired Bobby right out of college in Staten Island," George said. "Knew right away [he was good]. Didn't really know him until I met him and interviewed him and then I said, 'man this guy's going to be something special. So it's well-deserved, and he certainly has earned everything he's getting."

"It's been a pleasure to have him first as my friend, and then as a coach," George added.