SPRINGFIELD, NJ - For the past eight years local gardeners without viable space at their own residences have enjoyed harvesting their homegrown produce at the Adler - Heitbridle Springfield Community Gardens. Located on Wabeno Avenue near the corner of Mountain Avenue and Patriot Park, the 21 plots are currently overflowing with vegetables and flowers, making this small site a visual representation of our N.J. motto: the Garden State. The Gardens also have a motto: “Bringing back gardening plot by plot.”

Denise DeVone, a long-time member of the Springfield Environmental Commission and a founder of the Gardens, distributes plots to residents every spring and makes sure that all plots are fully utilized. According to Denise, “The Gardens would not exist without the cooperation of the Springfield DPW as well as the township administrators and clerks. The residents who participate have found that through the common work of planting, weeding and harvesting, friendships are cultivated and grown.”

If you are interested in applying for a plot for next year, please contact Denise at ddevone@aol.com

Because of the close proximity to Patriot Park, the Gardens were named in memory of the two Springfield residents who lost their lives on 9/11.