SPRINGFIELD, NJ - If you have driven down Mountain Avenue by City Hall recently you probably noticed the gregarious crossing guard whose bright green hat is almost as tall as she is. Meet Michele T. DeCagna. She is retired and has been a crossing guard since September.

She says she loves getting up in the morning and that this is the best job in the world. “The kids have been great.  No nasty children, I never thought I would get a job I love this much at my age (67).”  She greets everyone she meets warmly and always has a motto on the back of her sign that she changes on a daily basis. The slogan could be “Do something nice for someone today” or “Scatter joy”.  One man told her he now hopes for a yellow light so he can read her message. 

DeCagna is not Irish but she is a big fan of Saint Patrick’s Day. Hew motto is “Man made Italy but God made Ireland.” She has been married for 37 year, has a son and a daughter.  She has been in the same house in Springfield for 33 years. Three rescue dogs, feeding stray cats and the birds make her happy to get up in the morning. She said, “Little things like my signs put a smile on someone’s face and don’t cost a dime.”