SPRINGFIELD, NJ - “Clean Communities Day” is on Sunday, April 23  from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.. The Commission said volunteers are still needed to clean up the various parks in Springfield. The Department of Public Works will drop off supplies such as trash bags, gloves and pickers for use by the volunteers. Please contact the Environmental Commission if you are able to volunteer.

Next discussed was the environmental design contest for magnets.  It went extremely well with 586 designs submitted. Eleven were chosen for first place, seven received special mention, and there were 50 Awards of Excellence and 49 Honorable Mention.  Five designs will be chosen designs and 500 of each will be made.  The winners will get recognized at the Township Committee meeting on May 9 at 7 p.m. The designs are currently on display at the Library.

William Sinkowitz addressed the Environmental Commission with his concern about egress from his street, Walnut Court, if the new development on the Church Mall parking lot is approved. Additionally, he expressed concern about the possibility of gasoline tanks under the city lot. An Esso gas station was on that corner in the 1960’s. Allyson Miller, Chair of the Environmental Commission stated that this is an issue they could weigh in on, while the egress issue from the Church Mall was not under their jurisdiction.

There was a discussion about the Township Committee’s failure to pass a resolution in support of neighboring communities that are protesting against the Pilgrim Pipeline project. Township Committeewoman Geri Bujnowski said she voted against the resolution because it stated oil is obsolete. She said, “Oil is not an obsolete fuel.  Solar and wind and just not there yet.”  She was questioned by Chair Allyson Miller who asked if the language about oil being an obsolete fuel were removed would Bujnowski support the resolution.  Township Committeewoman Bujnowski said she would have to take a look at an alternative resolution, “it is possible that if the resolution was changed I would approve it."