SPRINGFIELD, NJ – Monday’s Environmental Commission meeting was relatively short and focused on Clean Community Day, getting recycling containers in more retail outlets, increasing awareness of the prescription medicine drop box service and pesticide awareness.

Clean Community Day will take place on April 23 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.  This environmental volunteer effort focuses on cleaning up most of Springfield’s parks including Henshaw, Laurel, Patriots, Smithfield, Rosner, Cohn and Sandmeier.  Volunteers affiliated with the Environmental Commission will be at every park to make sure volunteers receive a t-shirt after the event and high school volunteers receive credit for their community service hours.  Members of the Commission are hoping more middle school and high school students will participate this year. They intend to reach out to as many community leaders as possible to enlist their support.

Another topic discussed was the absence of recycling containers inside many of the retail outlets populating the strip malls on Mountain Ave.  Apparently, not all the owners want the containers in their stores.  There are recycling containers outside.

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The discussion of the prescription medicine drop box service focused on increasing awareness to increase usage. The focus of the effort is directed at the medical and health community.

New business focused on increasing pesticide awareness.  Specifically, there was concern expressed that dangerous pesticides were being applied to many lawns with warning signs stating animals and kids should stay off.  It was noted that “slightly more expensive” herbicides and pesticides are available and much less dangerous. 

Dr. Kristen Labazzo, the Liaison of the Planning Board said there were three applications at the last meeting and only one of them had environmental issues.  It was the Nissan Dealer application which had drainage concerns and they were addressed according to Labazzo.