SPRINGFIELD, NJ — For the newest batch of officers and EMTs in the Springfield First Aid Squad (SFAS), Tuesday's township committee meeting was a chance for swearing in and honoring members up and down the ranks.

The new SFAS executive slate for 2020 consists of President Liz Fritzen, Vice President Terrence Rose, Secretary Samantha Miller, Chief Apu Mullick, Deputy Chief Aqeel Abbas, First Lt. Andrew Shanes, Training Officer Jeffrey Shanes, Supply Sgt. Joe Voorhees, House Committee Member David Maas, Treasurer Marla Napurano, and Trustee Martin Gornstein.

The new class of EMTs who had achieved the honor were given their SFAS pins. The group became EMTs in 2019, but the meeting was the first chance to honor them. The group consisted of Jessica Miller, Henry Miller, Rohan Gupta, Yosef Greenwood and Jeswin, Jose Chethalan, Tatiana Gonzalez, Samantha Miller, Brian Rincon and Lhia Victoria.

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After the ceremony was completed, Fritzen spoke briefly before the township committee and all assembled in the room. She thanked the township committee for their support of the ceremony each year. "We appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to swear in our new officers every year," she said.

As she continued, Fritzen acknowledged the other emergency responders present for the work they do.

"The people that we're the most familiar with are in the room," Fritzen said. "The Springfield Police Department, the Springfield Fire Department, who partner with us in providing superb emergency medical services for the residents of Springfield."

She specifically mentioned the EMTs who were honored, and said that their work may be unheralded at times, but they provide an important role.

"I'm thrilled with our newest EMTs," Fritzen said. "You can all see how young they are, so it goes to show you that we are continuing in our ranks of providing emergency medical services.

"Again, these are all volunteers, leaving their families, getting out of their bed at 3:00 in the morning on a snow-covered freezing night, but again, it's something that they put a lot of effort into," Fritzen added. "Countless hours of training, just to be there. The residents of Springfield should certainly feel safe and secure, and those also passing through he borders of Springfield are also receiving fine service."

Following the conclusion of the ceremony and remarks, the committee declared a short recess in the meeting. To learn more about the SFAS, or to volunteer as an EMT, visit their website at http://www.springfieldfas.org/.