SPRINGFIELD, NJ - Sarah Rodrick's Girl Scout Gold Award Project involved fitness and mobility. Therefore, it only made sense that the culmination of her project would be a gift that would allow the next generation to remain fit and healthy.

Mid-Tuesday afternoon, Rodrick stopped by the Chisholm Community Center to make a donation of athletic equipment. As a part of her project, Rodrick had presented a series of physical fitness classes and equipment donation drives over the past several months that culminated in a raft of donations making their way to the Springfield recreation department.

After a brief presentation, Rodrick stepped back and let the students have at the table of athletic equipment. When asked about the importance of her donation and the impact it will have on students in the afterschool program, she said that it meant a lot to her to be able to help her town.

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"It means a lot to me that I was able to make some sort of difference because starting my gold award," she said. "I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do."

Rodrick added, "But when I realized that I could find a way to donate, especially to kids that are going to grow up here in my town, it helps me know that I'm trying to make a difference and that I'm helping the community as a result."

For recreation director Adam Lieb, Rodrick's donation will go a long way towards helping the recreation department. He also said that she did her research before deciding what to donate.

"Sarah's done a great job of really connecting with the teens," Lieb said." Doing her research and marketing to find out what teens would like to do here in our afterschool program."

He added, "She found out they would like to jump rope, they would like to continue playing basketball. And the physical fitness and athletic strength training they'd like to continue doing with some new offerings that we have.

"So once she found that out, she targeted the products and the donations that the girls brought for her mobility programs, and it's just a perfect match. And you can see here today that it's already being used."

Rodrick still has to present before the Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey but has not yet set a day for that to happen.