SPRINGFIELD, NJ - On Wednesday June 14, Springfield’s Board of Health Director’s held a meeting in the Firehouse where several important topics were discussed. The topics that were covered ranged from individual and family health, to health safety assurance and awareness regarding our township’s residents.

This meeting began with the Milentijevic family receiving a certificate of achievement and perfect attendance award for completing the Springfield Healthy Family Challenge. This challenge was a six-week program held in Springfield Township’s own Meisel Park, and ran by: Dr. Lisa Stettner, Lindsey Prewitt, and Maya Lordo, and their undergraduate senior interns: April Manis and Josh Gutkin.

Six families participated in this program where they were educated on health and nutrition, walked around the park, and got to participate in a yoga class. This program not only educated the families involved, but also encouraged them to continue practicing a healthy lifestyle with more motivation.  There were also recommendations for daily physical activity including an easy six-minute yoga routine and healthy recipes for the home.

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Another important topic covered in this meeting came from the discussion regarding Springfield’s Community Pool. Due to the fact that they are only open on the weekends during the school year they decided to chlorinate the pool, which resulted in some issues involving a sample result. This sample result indicated a plate count of two-hundred and eighty-five, which should be less than two, and a total coliform level of two hundred, which should be less than one.

According to the rules they’re allowed an additional sample following the first failure before closing, which led them to re-chlorinate on Wednesday morning. They had a re-inspection by Friday to make sure all the chemicals and chlorine were in order and the pool was clear at the bottom.  The pool must have passed inspection since it is open this weekend.

Above all else management noted in the meeting that its members are their top priority and they will do whatever it takes to ensure their safety, which includes staying closed over the weekend if necessary.