SPRINGFIELD, NJ - At the January 26 Chamber of Commerce meeting, Police Chief John Cook talked again about Project Medicine Drop. He said there is a disposal site inside the front door of the Springfield Police Department.  It is an easily accessible site and should be used to drop unwanted medicine 24 hours a day seven days a week.

The site is an effort to avoid leaving unnecessary and unwanted, or expired medication lying around.  Chief Cook warned that “Prescription drug abuse can lead to drug addiction.”

For instance, a product as seemingly innocent as left over cough medicine has codeine in it and could be targeted for abuse.  Half used bottles can be place in the receptacle in a sealed plastic bag. Unused medicines from a deceased person can be dropped off as well as pet medication that is no longer needed.

This service of the Police Department is handled by two officers.  Complete anonymity is assured. If you are concerned about information on the prescription bottle, remove the label. Medicine collected is weighed and stored then incinerated. To date, one thousand pounds of unwanted medicine has been safely disposed of by the Springfield Police Department.