SPRINGFIELD, NJ - The Springfield Board of Education met for the first time in the school year on Monday, Sept. 17. Two key topics were discussed; defining Quantitative and Qualitative Criteria that the board will adopt moving forward in the school year and updates on various construction and renovation projects throughout the district.

Quantitative and qualitative goals are a series of annual goals for students to achieve that include reading, writing and technological prowess. If these and other benchmarks are attained, they will trigger merit salary bonuses in the superintendent’s contract. This year there are three quantitative goals, which each carry a $6,215.26-dollar bonus and two qualitative goals that each result in a $4,666,11-dollar bonus if met.

According to district superintendent Michael Davino, one key aspect of the quantitative criteria he desired is attaining at least 75 percent of students meeting technological proficiency in the sixth grade. After the meeting, he explained that meant students would have to achieve several milestones throughout the year.

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“The students have to demonstrate that they are able to navigate a variety of applications and programs, and to utilize them in presenting their demonstration of knowledge and academics,” Davino said. “So, they’ve got to know at least rudimentary levels of a word processing program, a data processing program and presentation-type programs.”

Davino also laid out another aspect in the qualitative breakdown when he said that he was looking for students to create and generate videos for the “bullies to buddies” program the school district runs, including at least one virtual reality video.

The other major point of business was an update on the payment of several renovation projects at the high school. The former multimedia space has been converted to an engineering room, the former health classroom is now in the process of being transformed into a yoga and dance studio and a new public address and clock system has been installed throughout the building. 

Contracts for the new rooms were awarded to Pravco Inc. in the amount of $143,791.99 dollars and Precision Building and Construction in the amount of $286,517.58 dollars. Coskey Electronic Systems was paid in the amount of $84,288.47 dollars for their work on the new public address and clock system.


The next board of education meeting will be held Oct. 1 in the Jonathan Dayton IMC, with the open public session starting at 7:30 p.m.