SPRINGFIELD, NJ - Monday evening, Jonathan Dayton High School was host to two events. While Gary Lewis and The Playboys performed in the auditorium, the Springfield School Board convened for their August meeting in the media center. 

The major announcement at the meeting came when school board vice president Marc Miller read a resolution stating that rather than go to litigation with Salazar and Associates for time overruns and delays on the Jonathan Dayton High School Media Center, the board had decided to enter into a settlement out of court.

When he was asked about what the school board would receive in return for the settlement, Miller said that a financial return would be the outcome.

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“Per the resolution I read [at the meeting], we receive a discount on the total cost of the contract,” Miller said.

Among the topics in the committee section of the meeting were a host of motions that the board approved by a series of roll call votes. While most of the motions involved approval of prior personnel and financial transfers, the main announcement came in the school government committee section. In subsection five, the board approved revised curriculums for a series of programs throughout the school district. 

Those programs vary across a variety of disciplines. Most will be implemented at the elementary school level, as the board approved changes to the physical education and science curriculums for grades three through five, a new social studies curriculum for grades three and five, and a new vocal and general music curriculum for grade five. There will also be a new bake shop curriculum for students at the high school. The board said that the changes to the curriculum are mandated every so often to keep the material fresh.

The other major order of business was in response to the planning board meeting that was held on August 1. At that meeting, the planning board oversaw a proposal for construction of new parking spaces along the side of the building at Edward V. Walton school. After deliberation, the school board decided to follow two suggestions in particular from the planning board, although one of those would be modified slightly.

One of the key recommendations that the planning board made was to remove three parking spaces that they deemed a potential impediment to traffic flow during school drop-offs and pickups. Another recommendation was for permanent speed bumps to be installed to slow down oncoming cars.

School Business Administrator and Board Secretary Matthew Clarke said after the meeting that the school board appreciated that the suggestions and would be working them into the revised plan.

“Based on the input that we received from the planning board, we intend to incorporate those comments,” Clarke said. “We will go ahead and remove the three parking spaces. We will [also] put in temporary speed bumps. That way they can be moved during inclement weather, so it doesn’t disrupt any of the flow for our own vehicles.”

The next school board meeting will be held on September 17 at 7:30 p.m. in the Jonathan Dayton IMC