SPRINGFIELD, NJ - At last week's township committee meeting, the members of the committee voted to approve bond ordinance number 2019-09 on second reading.

The ordinance was passed to allow funding for the township committee to make public improvements throughout the town. In total, the township committee earmarked $1.5 Million dollars for improvements. As part of the ordinance, the committee provided a breakdown of appropriations and their uses.

Those figures are visible below:

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  • Subsection A; Undertaking of various road, curb and sidewalk improvements, including work in right-of-way and drainage work as required, in Class B Construction
    • Appropriation and Estimated Cost-$1,050,000
    • Down Payment Appropriated-$178,000
    • Bonds and Notes Authorized-$872,000
    • Period of Usefulness-10 years
  • Subsection B; Undertaking of repairs and improvements to water channels and streams to improve drainage at various locations
    • Appropriation and Estimated Cost-$450,000
    • Down Payment Appropriated-$22,000
    • Bonds and Notes Authorized-$428,000
    • Period of Usefulness- 15 years

Speaking with TAPinto Springfield about the bond ordinance, committeeman Alex Keiser said that the key for the township committee was to have the money ready for capital improvements regarding construction work on the town's streets. 

"[it is] extremely important," Keiser said. "That bond, as far as I know, is going to roadwork. So as we heard, with some of the plans going forward, it's important to get that going."

Some construction in town has already been done. An example of what the bond may be used for is the work undertaken by the business improvement district to improve the sidewalks for businesses down Mountain Avenue. With more business development on the way, street paving and sidewalk repair are likely to follow.

Keiser added, "That's why we needed to make sure this meeting happened, and we have the money in time so we can get everyone's roads up in shape so no one gets potholes up in their tires."