SPRINGFIELD, NJ — At this week's township committee meeting, the committee passed the first reading of an ordinance designed to use money from the capital surplus that would be put towards the purchase a new payloader for the Springfield Department of Public Works (DPW).

Ordinance 2020-23 would authorize a $200,000 payment from the township's capital surplus for the purchase of a new payloader for the DPW. The new payloader would replace the one in the fleet that is 23 years old, and according to business administrator John Bussiculo, the current vehicle is "getting to a point where the repairs on it are becoming extremely expensive."

"We use this for picking up leaves, we use this for snow removal," Bussiculo said. "It's a critical piece of equipment. So we've gotten 23 years out of it, it's starting to give us some serious issues. We are going to put it on govdeals at the time when we do replace it."

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Springfield CFO Diane Sherry explained the workings of the capital fund, and how the surplus of available money would allow the town to purchase the payloader without additional borrowing.

"That was money from prior ordinances that were canceled in past years, and it was sitting in a separate fund," Sherry said. "We can easily use that without going for additional borrowing to purchase this piece of equipment."

Supervisor of Public Works Robert Boettcher also chimed in during the meeting, echoing Bussicuo's points about the soon-to-be-retired payloader.

The only thing I want to mention is that unlike our vehicles or trucks, these loaders are very critical in the day-to-day operations, and we only have three," Boettcher said. "So it's not like we have a fleet of them, and all three of them are active all year round, especially in catastrophic events like storms [...] again, these are critical pieces, and we owe that 23-year-old machine nothing."

Following the discussion, the ordinance passed unanimously on first reading.