SPRINGFIELD, NJ - The Environmental Commission meets religiously on the third Monday of the month at the Chisholm Center at 7 p.m.  Because of the President’s Day holiday most of the building was locked.  So, the meeting took place in the building’s lobby. Alyson Miller as Chair of the Environmental Commission directed the meeting’s discussion.  

The main topic of conversation was Earth Day, which Springfield celebrates every year by cleaning up litter at the six public parks. Nationally, Earth Day is to be celebrated on April 23.  However, a conflicting event may cause the date to change to April 30.  Stay tuned!

Kristen Labazzo, the representative from the Planning Board brought annual reports from the Zoning and Planning Boards to share and review.  The approval of new developments in town was discussed and there were expressions of concern about whether these new developments adequately account for storm water since Springfield is in a flood zone.  After some discussion, further information will be requested from the Engineering Department. 

Additional topics covered included applications are now being taken for the next season for a plot at the Community Garden; the Cannon Ball House needing a volunteer to tend the garden; and concern about the businesses in downtown Springfield recycle.  This will be investigated further.