SPRINGFIELD, NJ – The Bulldogs faced St. Mary's of Elizabeth at Linden Lanes Monday.  Dayton won all three games giving them a 7-0 victory.  Dayton has two matches to go and has now “mathematically won the conference championship” according to Coach Fabiano.

As the match progressed the team got stronger posting higher aggregate scores in each successive game.  In the first game, Dayton’s aggregate score was 864 and St. Mary’s scored 764.  In the second game the scores were 934 for Dayton and 858 for St. Mary's.  The Bulldogs finished strong in the third rolling 1,013 compared to 779 for St. Mary's.

The contest featured two of the best high school bowlers in the state; Evan Weinberg of Dayton and Alize Stevenson of St. Mary's.  Weinberg’s average is at least 223 and Stevenson’s average is 207.

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Dayton posted a higher combined score against St. Mary's than the 2,629 they posted Friday to qualify for the Tournament of Champions.

Junior Evan Weinberg bowled 763 for the three games, or 254 a game.  Senior Skyla Johnson bowled 509 for an average of 170 a game.  Senior Captain Jon Pannullo bowled 536 for an average of 179.  Junior Scott Maran bowled two games for a total of 312 or 156 a game.  Junior Sean Martin bowled 531 for an average a 177 a game.  Senior Matthew Silva bowled one game and scored 133.

Dayton faces Plainfield High School at Linden Lanes Wednesday at 3 p.m. 

The following picture is of Evan Weinberg and his father Mitch.