SPRINGFIELD, NJ - Jonathan Dayton students performed Larry Shue’s play “The Nerd” Friday and Saturday.  With a cast of seven main characters, the company did a phenomenal job of displaying connectivity on stage.

The comical play of an architect and his friends, his business client’s family, and the man he thought he owed his life to had some great twist and turns. The students, faculty and drama community did a wonderful job putting on this play. During intermission the high school’s band entertained the audience adding to a great experience. The spring musical is to be announced and look out for these actors/actresses again. 

Junior, Jessica Pica, who played Tansy McGinnis said, “With the cast being so small, I am so grateful to have had the chance to get to know everyone really well. There were new actors on stage and the whole group clicked quickly.”

The crew members supporting the cast were Brendan O.Brien and Liam Dishy.  Anthony DeNicolo directed the play.  He teaches English at Jonathan Dayton High School.