SPRINGFIELD, NJ - July 16 at the monthly Township Committee Workshop meeting, Springfield’s Township Committee laid out the agenda for the rest of July. Among the topics on the docket were the hiring of new staffers at the pool and a change in fireworks for next year.

In a push to add new and substitute camp staffers at the Springfield Community Pool, Springfield will be looking to hire for three positions. Township Recreation Director Adam Lieb said that these hires are part of a normal process his department goes through every year.

“It’s a combination of substitute and full camp counselors for the pool camp,” Lieb said. “We’ve had counselors who’ve withdrawn or who take their paid time off and over the course of the summer, you want to replace those counselors who withdrew also be able to accommodate as many campers who are on the waitlist.”

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Lieb added, “So we hope to do that with these new hires. We do this every year.  So, it seems like it’s kind of late in the summer to add staff, but it’s never too late to add staff or lifeguards.”

Another major issue to be taken care of is the continuing removal of ash trees in response to the arrival of the emerald ash borer, an invasive species of insect that feeds on the trees. Public Works Superintendent Robert Boettcher said that he and town officials have come up with an action plan to try and minimize the damage these pests can do.

“I surveyed the town and we identified all ash trees that are owned by the town,” Boettcher said. “We started to remove them. So that when the borer reaches Springfield, it’s going to minimize the impact. We’ve started removing them and we’re selectively removing ones in high traffic areas and leaving the ones that are less of a liability in the back of parks. So, we’ll be removing those consistently moving forward.

On the legislative side, a new rule change is coming down the pipeline. It impacts the sale of alcohol on Sundays. Whereas alcohol sales started at noon before, the new rule will allow sales to start at 9:30 a.m.  This adds another two and a half hours to the current schedule.

And finally, a change in next year’s fireworks was announced as well. Instead of the display being held on its traditional July Fourth placement, the town will be holding their fireworks display on June 23. 2019.  That marks the 225th anniversary of Springfield’s founding.  June 23 is also the anniversary of the Battle of Springfield, one of the last major engagements of the Revolutionary War to be fought in the Northern Colonies.