In November, we have a chance to unseat Leonard Lance, Congressman for the NJ-7 district which includes Springfield. Leonard Lance voted to take away healthcare from his constituents and recently stood by as his party passed a tax plan in which his district became the second most negatively impacted district in the COUNTRY.  Lance is an enemy of a woman’s right to control her body but is decidedly friendlier towards the gun lobby. Lance is a man elected by big pharma and represents them and other corporations, not us.  He stands by Donald Trump and shares that repugnant man’s goals.  

For Democrats, the opportunity to unseat Lance, who through gerrymandering and corporate support has been in office since 2009, has never been stronger. We have an uphill battle to fight but we can do it and we can rid ourselves of the scourge of Leonard Lance.

We are therefore at a critical time when Union County Democrats must decide whether we can unite behind the one candidate who has the best chance to beat Lance. A candidate who is also a person of honor, integrity, and capability, and who we can be proud to call our representative. Alternatively, we can flail in a bloody and senseless primary fight which will only strengthen Lance.

Tom Malinowski, a Rhodes Scholar, a champion of human rights, a public servant who has stood up to Putin is the person to beat Lance and make us proud. I call on the Springfield Democratic Party Chairman and Union County Democrats to endorse Tom Malinowski and let us take the fight to Lance!