SPRINGFIELD, NJ - In the race for Springfield Township Committee, the Democratic Party ticket of Chris Weber and Alex Keiser won two seats. Weber received 3,478 votes, which secured him 29.56 percent of the vote. His running mate Keiser received 3,324 votes, good for 28.25 percent of the vote.

Keiser and Weber beat the Republican ticket of incumbent committeewoman Maria Vassallo, who received 2,448 votes for 20.81 percent of the vote, and her running mate Jerry Fernandez, who received 2,513 votes who received 21.36 percent.

In a post on the Springfield residents forum Facebook page, Fernandez conceded the race to Keiser and Weber yesterday evening, writing, "Congrats to Chris Weber and Alex [Keiser] on a great election you ran. I know you will work hard for Springfield."

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At their election night watch party, Weber and Keiser were looking forward to beginning the process of transition into the committee. For Keiser, this election showed him that the campaign strategy he used was successful, and that now it was time to step up for the residents in town.

“Our primary showed that our base was energized and it proved that it went forward to today," Keiser said. "I think our message resonated with all residents across [Springfield]. It clearly showed, we won from Republican districts to our largest Democratic district, so I'm excited to work with all the other committee people and look forward to advocating on behalf of all of Springfield."

For Weber, moving forward with the election was first and foremost on his mind. In a show of unity, he thanked his opponents for running in the election.

"I want to thank Jerry [Fernandez] and Maria [Vassallo] for having a great campaign with us," Weber said. "It stayed true to the Springfield residents like I wanted it to."

When asked what he and Keiser were looking to do, Weber laid out what he hoped to accomplish early in his term, adding, "First thing I want to do, I want to know what's going on downtown. We want to start working on that. We want to get that traffic solved."