SPRINGFIELD, NJ – Thank you subscribers and readers for making TAPinto Springfield your source of local news in Springfield Township. We are extremely grateful to our supporters and look forward to continuing to publish news and events that are meaningful to our readership.

Thanks to our business advertisers, TAP continues to provide local news to our subscribers, readers, and township residents free of charge.  Our advertisers are valuable members to our community and their continued support will ensure the future of hyperlocal news.

TAPinto Springfield has experienced significant growth since starting in 2016. In that first year, TAP averaged 8,701 page views on our news site each month. Today, TAP is averaging 17,454 page views per month.  News subscriptions have also seen exponential increases from about 36 in 2016 to 617 today.

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Social media continues to play a significant role in our growth, as articles and event news account just over 30,000 reaches on Facebook per month. The number of followers has increased more than 500% since 2016 to nearly 1,328 today.

Digital news is quickly becoming the standard, replacing paper based news organizations. The number of Americans getting news from digital sources is increasing, particularly among young adults between 18-34. According to the Pew Research Center, 65% of adults now get their news from a mobile device or a desktop.  67% of adults get some form of news from social media. Digital news is current, convenient and environmentally friendly. 

TAP is privileged to be able to contribute to the vitality of Springfield. As we enter fall, TAP will strive to cover more local events, highlight the outstanding people, organizations and businesses in the township and continue to support those who have supported us.

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