Welcome to Metropolitan Dermatology, can I take your biopsy?
Drive through dermatology, served with a smile.
Though much of our daily life has come to a grinding halt, skin cancer has not pressed pause. With many feeling uneasy about leaving their homes, Metropolitan Dermatology was challenged to come up with solutions to both keep patients healthy and continue their life-saving dermatological treatments.  Through a series of adjustments, the Metro Derm team has adeptly created three modalities to care for patients who should not wait to be seen. Even a pandemic will not stop Metropolitan Dermatology from being there for you.
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The most recent of several accommodations for patients is a drive through urgent dermatology clinic. "During the past several weeks we have realized that some of our patients are postponing treatments for worrisome and maybe even dangerous ailments, such as melanoma and other skin cancers, infections and allergies. Other patients are suffering in pain from shingles, boils, and severe cystic acne" said Dr. Alex Doctoroff, Medical Director of Metropolitan Dermatology and Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Columbia University Medical Center.  Dermatologists will be able to diagnose and treat various skin conditions and do simple procedures (such as biopsies, cryotherapy and intralesional injections) without patients having to leave their vehicles.

To our knowledge, Metropolitan Dermatology is the first practice in the tri-state area to provide this service. The drive through clinic launched on April 28, and was a resounding success. Dr. Doctoroff found it especially gratifying to treat patients who would have been unlikely to come in if the drive through was not available, including a very lovely 98 year old woman.
The drive through urgent clinic will be available once each week, depending on weather, at the Clark location. 

Conditions that can be treated in the drive through include skin infections, rashes and itchiness; shingles, herpes; boils, cysts or other painful skin conditions; severe cystic acne; new, changing or suspicious moles; lesions suspicious for cancer; and hives or allergic reactions.

In addition to the drive through, virtual visits are available during most hours of the day. Patients no longer have to leave the privacy of their homes to be seen by a dermatologist. 
And finally, by completely changing Metropolitan Dermatology's office flow, patients can safely come into the office for in-person appointments.  "We have reduced the number of patients in our offices both over the course of the day and also at any one time. Each office is staffed by just one provider per floor per day, and then thoroughly cleaned between patients and again after everyone has gone home for the evening", said Dr. Doctoroff. For those who prefer to bypass the waiting room, a quick call to the receptionist from the parking lot is all that is needed. Patients can head straight into the treatment room when it is their turn to be seen.
To schedule a virtual visit, an office appointment or drive through dermatology care, please call 732-574-1399 or visit MetropolitanDerm.com.

About Metropolitan Dermatology

Metropolitan Dermatology is a privately held, modern group dermatology practice with 10 locations in New Jersey and Staten Island. Founded by Dr. Alex Doctoroff, affilliate of the world renowned Columbia University and New York Presbyterian Hospital, the practice provides a wide variety of services in cosmetic, medical and surgical dermatology. The expertise of our providers ranges from Mohs micrographic surgery for the treatment of skin cancer, to the treatment of psoriasis and allergic skin conditions, to photodynamic therapy for sun damage, pre-cancerous skin lesions, and acne.