I feel that the decision to go all remote is a major failure on all parties involved. As most teachers would say in a difficult moment, go back and try again when a student is struggling and I understand that all involved with this terrible decision tried but you need to try again but it’s clear all involved didn’t keep trying.

At the last meeting we were told in great detail about plans to get kids back to school in a safe way. What happened? At tonight’s meeting Ms. Goldberg was saying how the custodians were measuring classrooms to have the 6ft. Distance. Why wasn’t this done in April, May, June or July? Another failure.

The teachers had the opportunity to take a survey which should never have been issued in the first place. A smarter way to gauge how many teachers would return is the amount of medical accommodations received and now 60% of the staff isn’t returning. These teachers clearly don’t care. Teachers who favor being away from their students aren’t real teachers.

At tonight’s meeting I kept hearing about robust remote learning as well as the social and emotional component. These are major contradictions. Some children only have school to look forward to instead of being home, even here in Springfield. Children’s social and emotional well-being will be compromised and if anything happens to one kid that is on the heads of our teachers union and superintendent.