When your congressman votes with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time, he inevitably isn’t voting with his district. With Tom Malinowski, we aren’t getting the representation we need. If anyone doesn’t believe that, read into HR-2474, which just passed in Congress. This bill could kill countless jobs in New Jersey and put a real strangle on the gig economy.

If you’re a freelancer or working as an independent contractor, Tom Malinowski just cast your interests aside and not only voted for the bill, but also sponsored it. How could Tom Malinowski not stand up for his district and fight this? Does he not know how many people in his district work as reporters or photographers or any other number of independent contracting positions?

To me, it is obvious that Tom Malinowski is completely beholden to Nancy Pelosi. We need a congressional representative that will be independent and always look out for his constituents first. I have always known Senator Tom Kean to be that person, and that is why he has my vote in November.

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Daniel Croson

Freelance Writer

Springfield, NJ

[Editor's Note: H.R. 2474 has passed the House and is currently in the Senate. An overview of the bill and its effects, as well as a full text can be found online here at congress.gov, a site from the Library of Congress.]