It is not every day you see children walking with canes, sporting silver hair with drawn wrinkles on their faces and hair curlers in their hair, however that is just one of the ways Saint James the Apostle School students in grades 1 through 3 decided to spend and celebrate the 100th day of school on Friday, February 9. 

The students dressed as centenarians and took part in several “age” related fun activities. First, our morphed students started their day with several writing activities. Students were asked, “What they would be doing when they were 100 years old?” and “Before I turn 100, I want…”  Students were challenged to write as many words as they could, using the letters from the words “one hundred.” The teachers offered students a glimpse of their future selves using an app to “age” the students to actually look 100 years old. Next, the students took part in some relaxing games of checkers, Go Fish, and assembling 100-piece puzzles. There was even time for the students to express their artistic selves and draw a still life of cake, cupcakes and teacups.

With all that excitement, it was time the centenarians took a much-deserved break. They delighted themselves with grape juice and “social tea” cookies while chatting with some good old-time friends. The day of activities concluded with two rounds of BINGO. The halls echoed with “N-36”, B-11”, “I-84,” etc. and cheers of “BINGO.”  The day came to an end with a very slow moving dismissal line, students using canes and walkers to make their way home.

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Teachers were in high spirits that for once they were not the oldest in the building! The students had a great deal of fun and also grew a deeper appreciation and respect for our older and wiser generations. May God bless centenarians everywhere for the example they set on how age is just a number and how to live life to the fullest.

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