SPRINGFIELD, NJ - When I returned from my overseas deployment in August, I asked my wife if she knew of a good barber. I was used to getting a regular military cut and trim every couple of weeks on the base and wanted to maintain that without paying too much. She recommended Kris' in Springfield, said she took my nine-year old son there. I wasn't really happy with my barber in Short Hills so decided to give it a try. Well, haven't left yet.

Nick, my barber, is great. He knows exactly how I like my cut now. It's like the old school barbershop where locals come to catch up and chat whilst getting a trim. 

Kris and Monica Yawnick love being in town. The husband and wife team who run Kris's Barber Shop, located on Morris Ave. in Springfield say that the connections they've made in this community really make it feel like home. The pair has worked together for 13 years, a majority of which was spent at the shop's previous location further up Morris Avenue.

The Yawnicks originally opened the barber shop in 2008, after moving to Springfield, and have been here ever since. Most days, the shop is hopping and customers have to book a time in advance. But the Yawnicks don't seem to mind. In a testimonial on the website, Monica said, "Starting as a husband and wife team, we have met the most wonderful friends through the barbershop. We love the relationship we have with our clientele."