SPRINGFIELD, NJ - The Springfield Business Improvment District (BID) is putting out a final call for business deals on the Springfield BID app.

The app, which the BID offers to members for exposure and promoting deals is free to sign up for with membership in the organization. In an email sent out BID members, the organization's chairman Mike Scalera provided instructions on how to sign up or renew a deal on the app.

For extending a deal, on the app Scalera said that all interested participants would have to do is reply to the emil sent out to the bid and type the phrase "YES, keep my same deal.  My business name is ________". After doing so, participants can send the email to kurt@mytownnavigator.com to confirm.

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If BID members are interested in running a new deal, Scalera provided the information necessary to change the deal. In the reply to the email, participating businesses would need to put their:

  • 1. Name of Business:  
  • 2. Address:
  • 3. Phone Number:
  • 4. Here is My New Deal:
  • 5. Exclusions for New Deal (if any):

After filling out the relevant information, to the right of all five lines, participants who wish to be included on the app can alsosend their reply to kurt@mytownnavigator.com

For businesses who are new to the program and want to participate, the sign up process is similar to the steps for changing a deal. The only difference is that in part four of the relply email the question reads 'here is my deal' rather than 'here is my new deal.' The template appears below:

  • 1. Name of Business:  
  • 2. Address:
  • 3. Phone Number:
  • 4. Here is My Deal:
  • 5. Exclusions for Deal (if any):

As with the prior two categories, send the replies to (kurt@mytownnavigator.com)

After being confirmed, all deals will appear on the Springfield BID app. Replies are needed as soon as possible, as all deals expire on March 31, 2019. If a business currently has a deal on the winter app, the BID will keep the deal running tif they do not hear back from businesses.

All new deals on the app will be valid from Feb.1-March 31, so timing is important to have the deal set and promoted on the app.