SPRINGFIELD, NJ - Springfield is set for a historic weekend, as the town will commemorate its 225th anniversary with a reenactment on Saturday and Sunday.

The reenactment will take place at Meisel Field and will tell the story of the battle.

Back in 1780, some 5000 British and Hessian troops looking to get to George Washington in Morristown attacked. After battling back resistance at Connecticut Farms (now Union), the invading forces came upon roughly 1500 colonial soldiers and Minutemen.

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Had the British broken through the wall in Springfield, the historical record agrees that they would have overwhelmed Washington at Morristown, severely damaging the fighting capabilities of the rebellion.

But they faced off against more than they bargained for. The colonial forces fought valiantly, even going so far as to accept hymnal books from the Reverand James Caldwell to use as wadding paper.

After being fought to a draw, the British retreated back towards their home base of New York City, burning all but four buildings down in their path as they retreated. Following the battle, the British did not attempt to go through New Jersey again to get to Washington.

It took the residents of Springfield some time to rebuild, but in April of 1794, they officially incorporated as a municipality. And now, 225 years, it all comes full circle, with a two-day celebration throughout the town this weekend.

Enjoy the battle reenactment, and make sure to stick around for the festival and fireworks on Saturday evening as well.