SPRINGFIELD, NJ -A High Wind Warning is in effiect through Monday evening for all New Jersey counties. Wind gusts of 45-60 mph can be expected during this time.

High winds combined with saturated ground from recent rainfall could see downed trees. High winds create the possibility of downed tree limbs, powerlines, and dangerous travel. 

The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management offers the following safety suggestions:

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-Secure loose items such as outdoor furniture, children’s toys, trampolines, garbage cans, and lawn decorations in your yard by tying them down or bringing them indoors. 

-Gusty winds can also cause a power outage. Visit http://ready.nj.gov/plan-prepare/power-outages.shtml to find out what to do before, during and after a power outage including keeping your electronic devices charged up!

-Always assume downed wires are live. NEVER touch or drive over them! Know how to report it to your utility company immediately. Visit http://ready.nj.gov/plan-prepare/public-utilities.shtml for outage maps and contact information for your utility company.

-Use caution on the roads. High winds can make driving in high profile vehicles difficult. 

Springfield residents are advised that hiigh winds can result in downed trees and power lines. Assume downed wires are live, and report outages to JCP&L at 1-888-544-4877.