SPRINGFIELD, NK - Saint James the Apostle School (SJS) in Springfield continued a long tradition of giving Bibles to its Grade 6 students at the first school Mass of the year.

This year, 18 sixth graders and two new seventh graders received a Bible blessed by Rev. Joseph F. Barbone, Pastor of Saint James the Apostle Church. Father Joe shared with the school community that the letters in the word BIBLE mean "basic instructions before leaving Earth." Bibles are given to SJS students to guide them in their lives, particularly as they begin to prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation in the coming years. The parents of the students receiving the Bibles were also invited to join the school community at Mass. 

For 65 years, SJS has been serving the parishioners of Saint James the Apostle Church in Springfield and surrounding communities. SJS offers students from Pre K-3 through Grade 8 a Roman Catholic faith-based education which acknowledges each child's individual ability to achieve his or her fullest potential academically, socially, and spiritually.

Saint James the Apostle School is located at 41 S. Springfield Avenue, Springfield, NJ 07081. For more information, call 973-376-5194 or email sjschool@sjspringfield.org.   The school’s Web site is www.sjspringfield.org