SPRINGFIELD, NJ - With the battle re-enactment ended, and the equipment packed away, it was time to celebrate. And Springfield did just that at an evening festival that included several activities for children and families.

"I think it's great for us all to come together as one community, as we do so many times for so many events," Springfield Committeman Chris Capodice said. "This is another collaborative effort that had a lot of time put into it for the planning, with all the different entities coming together.

"The re-enactors, the county, local law enforcement and local services, all come together to coordinate these days, and I think it just signifies what a town like ours will do to celebrate our 225th anniversary, and I think it's a testament to the town, I think it's a testament to our community...it's a great effort."

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Long-time Springfield Resident Gerry Gebauer was at the festival volunteering with the Springfield First Aid Squad. For Gebauer, the re-enactment weekend is a chance to bring many different members of the community out and meet each other.

"It's a community-wide event," Gebauer said. it gives people a reason to come and participate in what the community's offing them."

"People stop by and say hello," he added. "It's an opportunity to see people you don't normally see during the week, so it's nice. And the weather is great. What more could we ask for?"

One resident taking advantage of the evening's event was Cristina Reino. She was there with her husband, as well as her nieces and nephew

"It's been really nice," Reino said. They've had fun. The bouncy houses were great, the train ride was great. They liked to ride the pony and we're excited for the fireworks."

At the end of the evening, after a set from the 1910 Fruitgum Company, the skies darkened and the fireworks show could begin. Residents and other attendees were treated to an excellent display, that included a whiz-bang finish for the finale.