SPRINGFIELD, NJ - With Springfield having flattened the curve of COVID-19, Springfield Mayor Chris Capodice announced the end of the regular daily updates on case numbers and other relevant information.

"Based upon constant low number reported daily, and the lack of volatility with spikes in cases, my email updates will return to an "as needed" basis starting next week," he said.

As of the final update, Springfield had no new cases of COVID-19, keeping the township's total at 246 positive tests and 21 deaths.

Overall, Union County had 85 new cases of COVID-19, and 10 new deaths, totaling 16,038 positive tests and 1,092 deaths. The State of New Jersey had 806 new cases of COVID-19 and 79 new deaths, bringing the state total number to 163,336 positive tests, and 12,049 COVID-19 related deaths.