SPRINGFIELD, NJ - Yesterday morning, as the wind whipped around outside, students from James Caldwell School got a firsthand look at the colonial history in their town.

The annual tour, which sees students learning about local landmarks like the Cannonball House, First Presbyterian Church and the Daughters of the American Revolution cemetery is meant to provide the students with the knowledge they need to become more informed about the early history of the town.

For fourth-grade teacher Kevin Schultz, seeing his students experience history firsthand is always a welcome sight, especially when it dovetails into his lesson plans.

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"It's been fantastic. It ties right into our curriculum at James Caldwell with the American Revolution. We've been talking about this trip for a few months now, so the kids have been really excited. It seems so far that they're loving the trip."

"As soon as they walked in the building, I could tell they were really excited," he added.

At each stop, students had the opportunity to hear more in-depth information about the people who lived and worshipped in the structures, and what they experienced. 

Jessica Miller, one of Schultz's students, was especially impressed with the tour.

"It was very exciting to see what our town's been through and how it's been going through its own history," Miller said.

She noted that her family had lived in Springfield for generations, so this was a way for her to draw from the past and connect it to her family.

Historical Society President Margaret Bandrowski noted that for her, each year's crop of fourth-grade students is an opportunity to impart the history of the town and show them exactly what is in their own backyards.

"As I said in my concluding remarks o the students, I think what we want them to get out of it is a sense of continuity, a sense of the beginning of the community and the town, of its importance in the history of the nation, and to feel some connection."

Springfield Township will be unofficially commemorating its 225th anniversary on Saturday, April 14. The large ceremony will take place in June, as part of the reenactment of the Battle of Springfield.