SPRINGFIELD, NJ - The Springfield School District will officially welcome students back to a new school year on Thursday, and with it comes a host of back to school nights in buildings across the district.

Each back to school night is a chance for parents in the district to meet the teachers that will be educating their children at their respective elementary, middle and high schools in the district.

In order to maximize efficiency and avoid scheduling conflicts, the district has laid out a schedule that will allow parents with more than one child in the district to visit each school. The schedule for this year's nights is as follows:

  • Walton school will have its back to school night on Oct. 3. It is the latest of all back to school night dates.
  • Sandmeier and Caldwell Elementary Schools will both have their back to school nights on the same date, Sept. 24.
  • Gaudineer Middle School will have its back to school night on Sept. 19.
  • And Jonathan Dayton High School will have its back to school night first in sequential order on Sept. 12.

Parents and guardians should note that in the calendar month of September, Springfield Public Schools are only scheduled to close for one day, the first day's observance of Rosh Hashanah. The second day will also be given for observation of the holiday, although that occurs on the first day of October.