SPRINGFIELD, NJ - For the past five years, Alison Gillen has had a lock on sending experiments to the stars. This year, she was rewarded for her efforts.

The science teacher at Florence M. Gaudineer's main focus has been her in class work and students, but in the extracurricular field, she also works to equip her group of students with the skills necessary to win entry into a prestigious and exciting group each year.

For the past five years, Gillen's group has been selected to fly with the Student Spaceflight Exploration Program (SSEP). The SSEP gives students a chance to get hands-on with the science behind experiments in zero gravity.As board members noted, her consistent ability to help her students be selected for this honor was one of the things that made her worthy of the award.

While she would not have entered for the award herself due to her modesty and professionalism, Gaudineer Principal Timothy Kielty felt it was time to honor Gillen, and with the help of the board, nominated her in secret.