SPRINGFIELD, NJ - Yesterday afternoon, the Springfield Farmers Market held its annual first-day event.

Kicking off on July 1 this year, and running every successive Monday through October 28, the farmers market will open between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. The location has not changed from last year as it remains in front of the library.

The main produce booth from Alstede farms was joined by an organic baker and snack company, as well as a truck selling empanadas on-site.

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The main draw for town residents though is the fresh, all-natural produce available each week at the farmers market. Something that certainly was not lost on the workers who were there.

"[The residents] come to have fresh and natural vegetables and fruits," said Jan-Pablo Rojas, a vendor at the Alstede Farms booth. "For all the healthy food they can prepare with fresh stuff."

"It's good, Rojas added. 'It's a nice opportunity to be here every Monday."

Rojas noted that the booth was currently serving up seasonal fruits and greens, including peaches, greenhouse-grown tomatoes, white corn and yellow corn, as well as a variety of other food products grown all summer.

One of the residents who stopped by the booth was Cindy Robblee. Robblee, who has been in Springfield for 14 years, said that she makes the farmers market a part of her routine every Monday.

"I'd rather have fresh food and I want to help the people that are growing [the food]," Robblee said.

In her interview, Robblee also said how happy she was to have the farmers market around. She noted that her shopping list usually stays the same when she goes, but Monday's shop was a pared down list.

"Usually I buy peaches and tomatoes and sometimes I'll have watermelon," Robblee said. "But today was peaches day."