SPRINGFIELD, NJ - At Tuesday's meeting of the Springfield Rotary Club, the group provided scholarship money to winners of the awards.

2019 Jonathan Dayton High School Graduates Sophia Ritter and Destini Stewart were on hand to receive their checks from the club. A third unnamed student was not present at the meeting.

Both Ritter and Stewart received $500 dollar checks from the organization to put towards their studies. Ritter will be going into nursing and Stewart will study marine biology.

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When asked about what the scholarship meant for her education, Ritter said it would help pay for some of her peripheral expenses.

"A little extra money would definitely help pay for the books and stuff," Ritter said. She also noted that college would be beneficial to her as she said, "I'm really excited to broaden [my horizons] and get out of this town [for a time]."

As far as nursing, Ritter said "That's something I've been wanting to do. Just being able to help people is something that I've always enjoyed."

For Stewart, the money will help her with a specific technological expense.

"I'm excited," Stewart said. "I mean I can probably buy a laptop now, so that's going to be cool."

Stewart also said that going away to college should help her open up her horizons.

Just doing things that I wasn't able to do [before]," Stewart said. "More activities, more clubs so I'm really excited for that."

When asked why she wanted to study marine biology, Stewart that it was her chance to pursue a path that interests her.

[I] Just really [want to] dive into the science world and learn more about it," Stewart said. "It's really interesting. I've never really done anything like marine biology, so it's going to be really cool, just to learn something new like that."

Speaking after the meeting, Rotary Club President Lloyd Grossman said that while the amount may not be much, the sentiment for Rotary in delivering the money means plenty.

"It means that Rotary is able to help these kids," Grossman said. "Because the amount it costs to go to college these days is astronomical. Not only does it help the kids, [but] it also helps their parents. Hopefully, even though it's not a great amount of money, whatever it is, it's some sort of help and they can buy books or whatever they may need for school."