SPRINGFIELD, NJ - Sunday afternoon, several young Springfield residents took it upon themselves to do something charitable and spread a little joy as well.

Adalynn Giudice was joined by her brother Jack and sister Lilah, as well as fellow Brook Street kids Robin and Meysam Jansen in setting up a lemonade stand. According to Adalynn, Jack and Lilah's mother Alaina, all proceeds from the lemonade stand were donated to Children's Specialized Hospital in nearby Mountainside.

The team created signs and even dressed in costumes to help bring in customers. The lemonade stand had been posted abut on facebook beforehand, and a result, The Springfield Fire Department and the Auxiliary police both stopped by to support the group's effort.

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When packing up the stand after they were done, the group also brought extra lemonade and cookies via wagon to the police department headquarters because they could not make it to the stand.

According to Alaina, the stand raised 120 dollars for the hospital. When reflecting back on the afternoon, she said it was a chance for her kids to learn a valuable lesson and do some good.

"It was a great learning experience and opportunity for the children to work together as a team for a good cause," she said. "We would like to thank everyone that stopped by to support us."