SPRINGFIELD, NJ — After a report from a constituent complaining about long wait times for their child at the Springfield Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Assemblyman Jon Bramnick (LD-21), whose state district includes Springfield and surrounding towns is looking to take action.

In a post on his Facebook page, Bramnick, the Assembly Minority Leader, shared a photo of the line outside, and said the issue was brought to his attention by a constituent.

Bramnick spoke with TAPinto Springfield earlier this afternoon by phone, and relayed his concern with the situation as it stands.

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"I received a call from a constituent to my legislative office that her daughter's been waiting in line for five hours," Bramnick said. "That the restrooms at Motor Vehicles are not working in Springfield. So I'm deeply concerned that we're disrespecting citizens, disrespecting these residents."

Bramnick said that he would be dispatching people from his office to the DMV tomorrow, March 10 to see what the situation looks like. He also sent to photo to the office of Governor Phil Murphy, looking for a response.

For Bramnick, the key is to find and fix any issues found at the facility quickly.

"If there is some sort of problem at Motor Vehicles, then let's get people out there to help these people in line, to apologize to them," Bramnick said. "Maybe pull a lunch truck up there. Let's show people that we're concerned. If there is a problem at Motor Vehicles, we don't just ignore them and act like they're cattle ... that's the worst thing government can do, and I find that abhorrent."

Upon surveying the situation, Bramnick will then look to advocate for a fix to the problem. He said he would remain in touch with Governor Murphy's staff and Motor Vehicle's commissioner throughout the process, and will be demanding answers. Bramnick also said one of his priorities in the plan of action was to apologize to those left waiting outside.

"In the meantime, let's not just leave them in line with no answers, disrespected," Bramnick said. "That to me is the worst. Everyone can understand if there's a problem. Nobody can understand if they're ignored, disrespected and held in line for five hours. That's the thing I find abhorrent."

Bramnick said that if the lines outside the DMV do not subside, he will be making an in-person visit of his own and looking to fix the matter.

"I want to get to the bottom of it, and I'll probably be out there tomorrow if this continues," Bramnick said. "But I can tell you one thing. I'll get it resolved, I can guarantee you that."