SPRINGFIELD, NJ — After placing crosswalk flags around several key intersections in town last year, Springfield township has taken the next step, installing a flashing crosswalk sign at Mountain Avenue by Jonathan Dayton High School.

The measure is designed to provide safety and visibility at that corner for pedestrians and drivers alike. The flashing sign, which can be controlled with the push of a button, will light up, alerting oncoming drivers to stop at the crosswalk.

Springfield Mayor Chris Capodice spoke with TAPinto Springfield about the new sign, and said it adresses a major safety concern of residents at that crosswalk.

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"That intersection has always been obviously a busy intersection," Capodice said. "Wether it be cars or pedestrians. Obviously you have Jonathan Dayton High School right there, so you have many concerns from the students crossing the street and the cars entering and exiting that property."

Capodice also mentioned that public comments abut the crosswalk led t the placement of the sign, and that while additional looks will be given at placing more signs, for now, the plan is to hold steady with the crosswalk flags across most areas in town.

He said, "The idea, again came from the residents about putting the flags up which we have done from time to time, but I think that particular intersection required some additional consideration and some additional components to speak to the safety of all, wether it's pedestrians or motorists traveling that intersection."

Additionally, the sign is solar-powered, and part of a larger effort around town to power Springfield with green energy.