SPRINGFIELD, NJ - In response to letters several township residents recived requesting tax information as part of an auditing process, the Springfield Police Department assured residents that everything was on the level.

The post on the police facebook page read:

"A number of residents have received a letter from the accounting firm of Suplee Clooney and Company. Please be assured that this letter is legitimate, as this accounting firm is contracted by the Township of Springfield, and is responsible for annual tax audits. There is no requirement of recipients of this letter to provide the information requested. This is a standard request that is sent each year as part of the tax auditing process."

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Several town residents had inquired in social media postings about the letters, which were sent out by the law firm. The questions from town residents were what prompted the post.

The responsibility of the tax collector in town is to bill and collect taxes and assessments, enforce timely payments by taxpayers, deliver tax delinquency notices, and calculate interest on delinquencies as well as holding annual tax sales.