SHORT HILLS, NJ — In the purchase of a home, there are so many things that can cost a homeowner.

Saturday morning, in the second annual Simon Westfall Kwong Real Estate Group Home Exposition, held at the Short Hills Hilton, participants learned tips and tricks about how to best work towards a new or used housing project, no matter what the size of the job.

Over the course of the day, presenters pressed forward as others listened in on a variety of subjects, including revaluation and title insurance. The event went off perfectly without a hitch.

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Additionally, there was an exhibition space where attendees could meet and speak with a number of loan, decor and  pest control experts, who all provided information to those looking for it.

Simon Westfall Kwong and John Westfall Kwong both released a joint statement to TAPinto after the event was done, thanking participants for coming and to consider using the SWK group's services as well as the affiliate presenters and exhibitors.

"We are extremely grateful to our guests, exhibitors, presenters and team for making our second annual SWK Home Expo even more successful than last year," the statement read. "It was fantastic to see the event grow with a totally full room of exhibitors with a broad range of knowledge and services to provide for the 150+ attendees throughout the day.  Our presenters did a fantastic job providing expert advice on a variety of important topics ranging from the tax appeal process and design decisions before selling to the mortgage and title processes, and so much more."

One of the presenters on the day that TAPinto spoke with was Evan R. Drachman, a real estate attorney who led two discussions. Drachman noted that he works to help buyers and sellers through the process of a transaction, as well as working with current homeowners on property tax appeals.

"I always love giving my presentation," Drachman said. 'So today I'm speaking about both property tax appeals and [the] attorney review process. So I love being able to get out in front of people and really answer people's questions, but also just be in an environment with a host of other professionals providing information to the public is always fun."

Another major presenter was Guaranteed Rate. Jon Lamkin, Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending was supposed to speak, but found himself under the weather. As a result, Kaitlin Shala and Victoria Magee, sales assistants for Lamkin stepped in to give his presentation on the mortgage process.

Speaking after the presentation, Shala said that it is helpful to give buyers knowledge of what awaits them during the mortgage process, as well as how key it was to be there in person at an event like the expo.

"I think it's very important to be able to connect with the people that you're working with," Shala said. "Just doing everything online or through emails or over the phone can sometimes seem really impersonal. And buying a home is a very personal thing. It's a huge investment, and going back to wanting to feel comfortable, if I can meet the person I'm working makes such a big difference."