Dear Stafford Residents

Over the last seven (7) years my team and I have been honored to serve the residents of Stafford Township. We have worked diligently to protect your interests and reduce the financial impact of government on our residents. To that end, we have seen the tax rate rise only 1.4 cents in the last five (5) years, and our debt reduced by more than $45 million in the last eight (8) years.

We have stabilized the water and sewer authority and have avoided rate increases. We are and continue to be true fiscal conservatives, but we are also ever mindful that what makes Stafford Township special is the incredible quality of life that we enjoy compared to our neighboring towns and the rest of Ocean County.

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There are those who are running that would destroy that quality of life under the banner of Conservatism. They fail to understand that quality of life is an investment in our future and the future of the Township. Better schools, great recreational facilities, programs for young and old alike, road paving, drainage, and snow removal are all indicative of a better community and a government who cares about and responds to its citizens' needs.

There are those who are running who want you to decide on the type of government you want based on the issue of single-use plastic bags as if this issue demonstrates a willingness to deprive people of their rights. They seem to believe that despite the ever-mounting body of evidence that single-use plastic bags cost municipalities thousands of dollars per year in additional disposal and clean-up costs nothing should be done to control the problem.

We only need ask ourselves, do we believe that the multinational corporations who are profiting from the use of these bags are going to protect us at their own expense. Participating in government is advanced citizenship.

It is about listening to and respecting the rights of all citizens, not the representation of singular points of view, particularly those that are in the extreme.

Governing is about evaluating the options and making the best decision you can make to the benefit of the people you represent. Always mindful of how that decision affects their lives.

Over the last seven (7) years we have demonstrated true leadership ranging from our amazing recovery from Super Storm Sandy to the overall economic health of our community.

New businesses are investing in Stafford Township, the hospital is expanding and development continues all because we are a special community that attracts both business and families.

This fact has been amplified in the last six years by New Jersey Monthly Magazine where we were named the best town in Ocean County with a population greater than 25,000.

We were also named the best town in all of Southern Ocean County, one of the Safest Cities in New Jersey and 2nd safest city in Ocean County with a population over 25,000.

We respect and welcome differing opinions, but Stafford is not a myopic community and neither should it's government. We respect the laws of our government and recognize that despite actions that individual states may take, we will abide by federal law where appropriate and not be a slave to what some see as political correctness.

All of our citizens’ matter and that is what we believe in and will continue to fight for. We thank you for your support in the past and ask that once again you honor us with your support.

Primary’s matter and without your participation 4 or 5 hundred people will determine the direction of the township for many years to come. Vote Regular Republican Column B on June 5, 2018.

The candidates are :


John Spodofora

Council Members and Candidates: 

 Rich Carlson, Steve Fessler, Ray Fix, Paul Marchal, Sharon McKenna, David Taylor