TRENTON, NJ - Legislation prime-sponsored by Senator Christopher J. Connors and co-sponsored by Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove that will streamline the permitting approval process for aquaculture projects were recently signed into law.

The first legislative measure, A-793,  requires New Jersey’s Secretary of Agriculture and the Commissioner of Environmental Protection (DEP) to seek to establish with the United States Army Corps of Engineers a joint application process for aquaculture projects that require both State and federal permits, licenses, or approvals for aquaculture projects in the State. 

The second measure, A-794, requires the Department of Agriculture and DEP to adopt coordinated permit application and review program for aquaculture projects.

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The 9th District Legislators made the following remarks regarding the enactment of the legislative initiatives.

“This was a bipartisan legislative endeavor that our Delegation eagerly joined with the 1st Legislative District on as an effective means of bolstering the state’s aquaculture industry. 

“As coastal legislators with a longstanding record of working with not just commercial and recreational fishing groups but also aquatic farmers, we have a comprehensive understanding of the significant economic role the seafood industry plays in New Jersey’s economy.

“Cutting unnecessary and counterproductive red tape is always sound policy, especially when it creates economic opportunities and plays to one of our state’s most prominent economic strengths.

“Accordingly, we are confident that a more streamlined permitting process resulting from the new laws will show dividends not only for the aquaculture industry, but the state’s overall economy.” 

On its official website, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture has posted information on Jersey Seafood as well as Aquaculture Development