LONG BEACH ISLAND, NJ - Edward and Reno, who were going stag, set out for the MATES-Ocean County Vocational Technical School Prom on Friday.  Edward borrowed his mom's 2003 Lincoln Town Car.

While driving south on the Garden State Parkway on the way to the prom, they got into a car crash. The car careened off the roadway and struck a utility pole. The car was disabled and unable to get the students to their prom on Long Beach Island.  

Thankfully, no one was hurt and the boys were shook up. It looked like the boys would miss the prom. Troopers Chris Jones and Charles Garrison responded to the crash, and the driver's mom arrived on the scene also. Like any loving mom, she was relieved that the boys weren’t hurt, and the damage to the car was just a minor afterthought. 

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So, like moms do, she told the boys to saddle up, because she needed to get them to the prom. Things got cool at this point. Trooper Jones was insisted he would take the boys to the prom. He figured that it would be both shocking and cool for the two to arrive in a marked troop car.

Jones drove them to the Long Beach Island yacht club where the prom was getting under way.

Police say when the trooper arrived at the venue, “He exited the troop car, walked up to the door with Edward and Reno and said to the chaperone, ‘Hey, do these two belong to you?'”