The old saying “there’s strength in numbers” definitely applies to blood donors. When you give blood with Vitalant, you’re part of something bigger than yourself, joining a life-transforming movement to save lives locally and nationwide.

The same rings true for our nonprofit organization. We are leveraging our larger size and footprint to drive an even greater impact in the communities we serve. Here’s how:

  • Ensuring a strong national blood supply to help patients here and across the country
    • During times of crisis, like Tropical Storm Barry in the Gulf Coast, our experienced team immediately coordinates sending blood to help out where blood collection is severely limited or even non-existent. 
  • Delivering an elevated donation experience with Vitalant no matter where you donate
    • Our staff members strive to make your donation comfortable and safe while recognizing your efforts with appreciation and celebration.
  • Encouraging younger donors to take on the awe-inspiring mantle
    • Data shows that nearly 60% of blood donations come from people over 40. While we’re extremely grateful for this support, we’re also focused on inspiring the next generation of blood donors through efforts like our Save the Humans campaign.

We’re thankful you’re part of us and the collective good work we do. One of our dedicated blood donors sums it up best: “To me donating blood is somewhat of a spiritual experience. You are giving something that was part of you to help a complete stranger live.”

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For more information about our history, mission and how you can share the vital need for blood: Becoming Vitalant