STAFFORD, NJ - Christopher Hobbie started racing BMX at the age of 7 when he entered his first competition at Central Jersey BMX in May 2011. Shortly after winning his first race, "he was hooked," said his mother, Kim Hobbie.  

Hobbie began riding a bike at age 3 and by 6 he was jumping ramps at The Incline Club, an indoor bike park, which then led him to racing at local tracks at Central Jersey BMX in Howell, Egg Harbor Township BMX, and Hunterdon County BMX in Flemington.

Christopher said, "what made me fall in love with BMX was I guess just the thrill and being able to 'fly' through the air. The speed is exhilarating."

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When Christopher hit his second year of racing he decided to venture into competing at regional competitions where he achieved number one in his age group and proficiency.

Also during his second year of racing, a local bike shop team asked him to race for them. He raced for Chip N Dale Bike Shop for 3 years.

In July of 2015 he was approached by C-Yaa Factory Team to join them. He happily accepted and had then accomplished another one of his goals to represent a factory team.

Now for the past two and half years Hobbie has raced on a National level, which requires him and his family to travel to many states and Canada. 

"This is what riders strive for during their racing career," said his mother Kim, "C-Yaa Factory has been in the top 10 for teams for the past two years."

Christopher is now 13 and has even more of a love for the sport. At just 9 years old Hobbie would say that BMX was "his passion."

He races at least one National Championship a month anywhere from Canada to Florida.

The Hobbie family headed to Rock Hill South Carolina on March 31, with one goal in mind, make Team USA. Christopher accomplished this goal by not losing a race all day to qualify.

Christopher is now officially a member of Team USA being represented at the UCI World Championships in Rock Hill South Carolina on July 25-29.

Christopher is very motivated and focused on this Worlds event coming up. He trains hard, will do sprints, workouts and is on the track up to 6 days a week.

If he isn't on the track he is on his bike in some capacity, his mother told us. Rainy days he is on his rollers.

In December he added a new workout to his routine by joining Trident Fitness and Performance in West Creek.

"We knew he had a huge goal set for himself to qualify for Worlds," said his parents, "we knew he had to step up his workouts."

Trident has listened to the Hobbie's for what Christopher needed and have accommodated his needs very well, being he is the only BMX racer in the gym.

Kim said, "his gym workouts, work ethic, passion for the sport and sheer determination allowed him to qualify for The UCI World Championships."

In July, there is a chance of over 40 countries being represented with over 90 riders possibly competing for 8 world champion spots.

Christopher is 1 of 32 riders in his age group for the United States. Previous venues for this race have been Belgium and Columbia. 

Christopher's new goal is now to make it to the final 8 in his age group in July to then be able to say he is one of the top 8 BMX riders in the world. 

"I am looking forward to the experience of just being at Worlds and having the opportunity to represent Team USA," he said, "I am also looking forward to getting the chance of being 1 of 8 to make the main in Worlds and be able to run a World Plate."

Christopher wouldn't be where he is today without the help of his parents and the trainers who believe in him. He said:

If I had to thank anyone, I would have to thank my Parents first for taking me to races, practice and giving me the opportunities to train all year. I would thank Vinny Mannino of DK Bicycles; he coached me in freestyle at 6 years old and introduced me to the racing part of BMX, Justin Posey of Dan's Comp (Elite/Pro rider) who was and will be an Olympic hopeful. I have had the chance to be taught by him several times; he also takes a personal interest in how I am doing throughout the year and Christopher Diaz, who helps me and coaches me on a weekly basis at the local tracks.

Some of Christopher's past accomplishments include:

National Age Group 16 for two years in a row, which means he is 16th in the nation of all of the riders in his age group.

NJ State Champion 4 out of 5 years in his age group and proficiency 

3 Regional Titles

Top 10 in our district; this encompasses the entire state of NJ; some 300+ riders almost every year he has raced.

At the Ultimate BMX Challenge in 2015; he had to race continuously until there was only one man left standing. He was the champion in his age group.

Bluegrass Nationals in Louisville, KY he made his main event all three days.

Las Vegas Nationals he made his main event one day.