HARVEY CEDARS, NJ - Amber Frazee, daughter of Harvey Cedars Sergent Frazee, recently underwent emergency brain surgery while on their family vacation in Costa Rica.

Amber was diagnosed with a rare genetic brain condition called, "Cavernous Angioma." 

According to UCLA Neurosurgery, "a cavernous angioma is a blood vessel abnormality characterized by large, adjacent capillaries with little or no intervening brain. The blood flow through these vessels is slow. Cavernous angiomas can occur anywhere in the central nervous system."

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Amber is currently residing at the "second best hospital in the entire world for handling these types of procedures," said her Aunt Suzanne Brown-Welch, "but unfortunately this unexpected tragedy has extended their stay much longer than they anticipated and as a result, they are running low on funds necessary to return home."

For Amber's operation and the various tests done, the Frazee's have received a six-figure hospital bill which puts them in "an extremely difficult situation financially," said her Aunt Suzanne who has created a gofundme page in hopes to help ease her family's finances during this difficult time. 

Suzanne Brown-Welch has stated on the gofundme page:

So it's my prayer that you would find it in your heart to donate, whatever you feel inclined to give, in hopes of not only helping to relieve the tremendous financial toll this has taken on her family, but most importantly, to help poor Amber have a fighting chance and to get back on her feet so she can have a happy and healthy childhood once again. Thank you so much for your consideration. It means more to us than you realize, and I know it will be an incredible blessing, not only to Amber, but to our entire family!

If you'd like to donate please click here to visit their gofundme page.